Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Fun Way to Get Rich with Mobile Game Development

Ever wondered why grown men are so interested in mobile game development? Yes they are passionate about video games, and yes they love playing games too but why only on games for smartphones? The answer is fairly obvious, if the game is a hit it sells like hot cakes. Think about Angry Birds by Rovio or Texas Poker by Kama Games, these games are worth millions and continue to generate revenue even after half a decade. That is some serious business! 

There are many other game brands that are still doing wonders. All it needs is a great app idea, and a team of mobile app developers, that is all! You have the option for going with either ios game development or android game development, it is best to go with one platform. Instagram did the same, it taken them approximately two years before they released the android version. Reason being they wanted to get it right on one platform before they moved to the next. It allowed plenty of time to make the app perfect. The important thing to consider is that the android market is a lot larger than the ios market, but as far as generating revenue is concerned ios has the upper hand. This helps in two ways, first, the ios market is small so you get a test run on how your app is performing and you can generate a larger profit with it. Secondly, once you have perfected the app, creating the android version allows you to milk the cow for a larger market. It is not just about developing a great app, it is good business idea.

Instead of creating your own team and investing full time in the app, you can always hire app development companies to create your game for you. It will cost a lot cheaper and you can get your game built by professionals.

Mobile game development has plenty of potential because the smartphone industry is booming and it’s here to stay. Another advantage of for choosing ios game development is that the android platform allows a wide range of devices, so you need to consider all those sizes when developing the app, this increases the build cost. On the other hand ios devices are limited, so you don’t have to invest as much in developing for various sizes.

So if you have a great game idea, build a game app for smartphones and let revenues pile up. 

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