Friday, December 4, 2015

A Few Points to Consider Before Your Next Website Design

One of the main reasons to having a well-designed website is to ensure your customers can find you online and your website serves the purpose of catering to your customer when they want. But what if you have a potential customer? For businesses potential customers are more important than the regular customers because that is like an opportunity comes knocking your way, instead of you going to find one.

When a visitor shows up on your website, you usually have between 3-5 seconds to convince the user, that they are at the right place and whatever they are looking for, they will get it right here. Be it information, making a transaction or just contacting you. Within these few seconds you have the window to make your sales pitch, and the only way to do that is by having the right information, in the right place, making sure your website is user-friendly and engaging. That seems like a lot to process, so let’s just focus on the current web design trends, to make sure you are ahead of the game for your next website redesign project.  

Design for Mobile View
This is really important considering that the number of smartphone and tablet users is increasing quickly beyond imagination. Besides, Google is penalizing websites that are not responsive (which basically means modifying the view for the device). So if you have not yet revamped your website and it shows up like a disaster on a mobile phone, this is the right time to go ahead launch a new designed website.

No Call to Actions?
This is a major blunder! Your website must have something to engage a visitor. Even if it’s just information; making sure that they can easily share that information with other people on their social network would work miracles for you.  On the other hand if they can buy something of your website or even you are trying to get their contact details, you highlight the area so they know what they need to do. Strategically placing social network plugins can make your website go viral too.

Don’t forget the build
Having a good design of your website is not enough. You must look into web development as well. Make sure when you hire a web development company they are using the latest web development trends.

Enough with the Clutter
Having too much information, is not a good thing. Simplicity is gold; don’t forget you want to make maximum use of your page space without using the space. Do not clog your consumers mind, with too much information break it down, and show only what is important.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Fun Way to Get Rich with Mobile Game Development

Ever wondered why grown men are so interested in mobile game development? Yes they are passionate about video games, and yes they love playing games too but why only on games for smartphones? The answer is fairly obvious, if the game is a hit it sells like hot cakes. Think about Angry Birds by Rovio or Texas Poker by Kama Games, these games are worth millions and continue to generate revenue even after half a decade. That is some serious business! 

There are many other game brands that are still doing wonders. All it needs is a great app idea, and a team of mobile app developers, that is all! You have the option for going with either ios game development or android game development, it is best to go with one platform. Instagram did the same, it taken them approximately two years before they released the android version. Reason being they wanted to get it right on one platform before they moved to the next. It allowed plenty of time to make the app perfect. The important thing to consider is that the android market is a lot larger than the ios market, but as far as generating revenue is concerned ios has the upper hand. This helps in two ways, first, the ios market is small so you get a test run on how your app is performing and you can generate a larger profit with it. Secondly, once you have perfected the app, creating the android version allows you to milk the cow for a larger market. It is not just about developing a great app, it is good business idea.

Instead of creating your own team and investing full time in the app, you can always hire app development companies to create your game for you. It will cost a lot cheaper and you can get your game built by professionals.

Mobile game development has plenty of potential because the smartphone industry is booming and it’s here to stay. Another advantage of for choosing ios game development is that the android platform allows a wide range of devices, so you need to consider all those sizes when developing the app, this increases the build cost. On the other hand ios devices are limited, so you don’t have to invest as much in developing for various sizes.

So if you have a great game idea, build a game app for smartphones and let revenues pile up. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Useful tips for iOS App Development for Businesses

iOS apps are getting launched on a daily basis and with the clutter chances are that your app may just get lost in the world full of apps, and your target audience will get distracted with other apps or worse find your competitors app. Imagine investing all that money on creating the perfect app for your business, but no one is able to find you online. That can be quite a nightmare for any business owner; to help your app come in front of your target audience there are a few things that you need to do which is also known as optimizing your app. In simple terms, it is more like using some tricks of the trade, that will get your app on the of the search results when your customers are looking for services that you offer.

This means that you beat your competition and take away their business too!

Below is a list of things you can do, to optimize your ios app and make the development cost worth every penny.

The First Thing Your Customers Notice

Obviously! The logo is really important, it has to be the right size, should be relevant to your business, to cut it short – it has to look awesome. There is a reason why designers do what they do. One glimpse is all it takes; if the logo is attractive enough to get a user engaged you have hit it out of the park.

Pick the Right Name

This should have been first on the list, because it is that important. Your app name plays a major role because if it has the right keyword attached to it, and your customers are searching that word chances are you will be way up on the list. Also don’t forget to associate your app with the right category; this is a no-brainer but still these things tend to happen.

Describing your App

This is key, your canvas, and the place you must take full advantage off.  Do the research, find out the keywords that are most searched for and use them creatively, to ensure your app gets ranked for those keywords and be easily found.

Use the Best Images

There is a reason why they say a picture says a thousand words! Make use of the number of images you can upload as screen shots. Upload the ones that promise the best experience your customers are expecting. Browse through the game section and see the images of some of the ios game apps, don’t you feel like downloading them right away? That’s the art of design; it creates an urge of tapping that download button.

Ask for Some Love

If your customers love your app, make sure they are rating it. This boosts ranking and invites more downloads. To put it simple, it’s like digital word of mouth advertising, other users see ratings and read reviews, it helps create that little bit of trust needed to download the app.


If you have invested time building it yourself or you have hired an ios app development company to build your app for you. Go get the word out! Create a fan page, email people, blog about it, share it on social networks use every form you can to get people to download your app. Getting external links not only help in ranking, but it spreads awareness among other people as well.